Hot, humid, and rainy climates are particularly susceptible to interior mold problems. In these climates, new buildings are often hard hit with indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, mainly because of errors or compromises that occurred during design, construction, and initial operation. The costs of ignoring these problems are high in terms of deterioration of building structures and equipment, employee absenteeism, worker compensation claims, negative publicity, and potential liability.

Preventing IAQ problems in hot, humid or rainy climates requires an understanding of certain key issues: • Factors that contribute to the development of an IAQ problem • Unique IAQ considerations for hot, humid or rainy climates • Reasons for new building failure • Steps that can be taken during design and construction to ensure future building success. This infographic summarizes some of the key issues that are a involved with the moisture problems that affect our clients. You can also download a copy of our moisture and mold manual here – Free Manual Download