Will new Hotel Prototype designs result in mold and moisture building failures like those we have seen before?

With platforms emerging like Airbnb, the hospitality industry is scrambling to develop products that will be attractive to Millennials, who have now surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation in the US according to Pew Research. From past experience, this means that new prototypes are being developed, and with new prototypes comes greater risk of building failures, especially moisture and mold.

Some of the greatest risks facing these new prototypes are the risks of mold and moisture problems. Unless the actual climatic conditions are considered for these prototypes, then mold and moisture problems are likely. The use of lower cost options driven by demand for lower prices also creates the potential for high-risk decisions including, (1) wood framing, which is difficult to waterproof and (2) less expensive HVAC systems that do not provide sufficient dehumidification.

It is imperative to consider the actual climatic conditions of any proposed hotel site to avoid repeating history; Even a Millennial would agree that mold is not a “green” that they can support.