South Florida has seen a resurgence in building construction, booming since 2014.

The Greater Ft Lauderdale Conference and Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB) recently reported:

  • More than $1B in ongoing hotel and condo developments -­-­ $700M underway, representing 1000
    new rooms
  • Another $222M being spent on hotel renovationsConstruction of 20 new hotels
  • Construction of 20 new hotels were slated to start in 2016 with 2533 rooms; 4 more in early
    planning stages

While growth is always a good thing, a real cause for concern beckons the design and
construction industry to pay close attention to the pre-­great recession building failures -­-­ most of
which were caused by moisture and mold problems. The biggest problems prior to the downturn

  • Greater focus on “green” and energy instead of moisture control.
  • How to minimize air leakage when your envelope is already constructed
  • Wall cavity condensation control
  • Incompatible building materials and moisture and mold risks
  • Misapplication between products that dry and products that cure

Concern remains as the focus on green and energy prevails in at least one of the largest
building boom area’s in South Florida. Owners on Miami Beach projects are now required to put
up big $$ (5 percent of construction costs) at the time of TCO in order to comply with
sustainability ordinances. If performance verification indicates that they don’t meet the required
green building certification level, they lose all or a portion of the money paid up front. These are
certainly dilemmas for building owners who fiscally seek to balance compliance with local
ordinances and minimize risk of moisture and mold problems.

It’s not too late. Measures can still be taken to minimize moisture and mold risk during the
construction phase of your project. When you obtain the services of a multi-­disciplinary moisture
and mold consultant, you can rest assured that your project will have forensic experts in the
areas of general construction, HVAC construction, architecture, mechanical engineering,
industrial hygiene, mold assessment, and mold remediation. These experts will make you a list,
and check it twice!

And who are these experts? When it comes to HVAC and building mold and moisture problems,
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Why Liberty?

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    complex problem simple. And we have a proven track record. No matter what moisture
    related failure you’re experiencing, it’s very likely we’ve resolved the problem before, and
    we look forward to building on our expertise to address your crisis.
  • Thorough diagnostics of building failures
  • Design solutions for building failures due to moisture
  • Litigation support for recovery of damages

But most importantly? Take a look at our customer testimonials. Examine our peer reviews. We
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So if you’re trying to prevent a moisture problem or mitigate one, Liberty Building Forensics Group is the multi-­disciplinary moisture and mold consultant you want on your project.