Mold under cabinets in apartments found during one of Liberty’s investigations. What do you think caused this micro-climate that caused this growth?

Even though many buildings may not be Green driven anymore, owners are still seeking higher performing buildings. Yet designs and material meant for high performance can have hidden risks.  For instance, an owner of a multi-family complex experienced unintended moisture and mold problems due to a combination of fire rating between floors and increased reduction of sound transmission between units (walls and floors). Contractors used Gyp-crete and underlayment within the floor systems which provided an increase in thickness to improve ICC rating. Gyp-crete is applied in a wet state and requires drying.  Unfortunately, the use of underlayment, required for sound attenuation, acted as a barrier to further slow down drying. Gyp-crete will continue to dry beyond the minimum requirements for installation of finish materials. Therefore, finish materials such as flooring and cabinets installed over Gyp-crete can create isolated micro-environments conducive to mold growth.