To quote an inside counsel for a large GC, “One of my greatest fears is that our folks don’t know a whole bunch about waterproofing wood frame construction, and we are now building a ton of those kinds of buildings.”

Wood engineering advances have allowed for wood structures to be used above 3 stories and to be used in areas of the country, like Atlanta, that previously have only considered concrete frame as an option. What do you think are the areas of greatest risk for water intrusion in wood frame construction?

Many contractors are unfamiliar with wood frame construction waterproofing issues. Liberty has found these to be some of the areas of concern:

  1. What are the installation sensitive cladding materials and/or systems used that have resulted in problems.
  2. How to use peer reviews and both design phase as well as construction phase commissioning services.
  3. What are the most important project pinch points for good waterproofing success.
  4. Durability issues and what is the best way to deal with vulnerable materials?

Can you think of anymore?