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Leader in Moisture-Related Problem

Hailed as the most sought-after building moisture forensics experts in the world, Liberty Building Forensics Group has established itself as the industry leader in avoiding moisture-related problems in a vast array of building types. From hospitals to hotels, multi-family residences to complicated commercial buildings, Liberty has helped business owners, developers, contractors, and city planners all over the world proactively prevent moisture intrusion problems by being able to spot and remove potential threats before negative issues ever manifest.

Focusing exclusively on building moisture problems for years has allowed Liberty to develop a deep understanding of what design and construction decisions generally result in building failure vs. success.

Walt Disney Corporation has retained Liberty staff since 1981 to assist with highly complex construction on over 400 projects worldwide. Only a firm that consistently exceeds expectations can serve for over 30 years as a consultant to such sophisticated building owners on some of their most demanding projects around the globe.

Why Choose Us

  •   The leading building forensics firm responsible for solving some of the world’s largest, most complex building failures – particularly those involving moisture & mold problems
  •   “True experts” with concentrated experience who have probably solved your problem dozens of times
  •   Called upon by the U.S. Air Force and Disney to help solve their most complex indoor air quality problems
  •   International experience that brings the expertise and knowledge of over 4,000 projects (both across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and Asia).
  •   Perform state-of-the-art commissioning and QA/QC services that others do not offer

What Clients Say

It is clear that while most know a part of the building well, Liberty knows the building well from the inside out – and that always gives us the best results.
Developer/Owner, Worldwide Timeshare Resorts
…clear, detailed, and practical solutions for moisture infiltration problems.
Commissioner of Education, Florida Department of Education
Of all the consultants on our team, Liberty is the one that is able to connect the dots, bringing everything together in a way that brings clarity to our decisions.
Hotel Owner and Operator, Boutique Hotel Chain
Lots of firms test; Liberty solves.
Project Manager, Major Construction Firm
With folks like you on our team, there was no way we could lose. I told our legal team that watching you in action against a young, inexperienced designer was like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Thanks for being our gun!
Georgia Contractor
I recommend this team to anyone experiencing building-related problems.
Engineer, School District of Lee County