Where We Work: Condominiums

Condominium building envelopes and HVAC systems are complex and can be especially susceptible to failure if not designed or built properly. Liberty Building Forensics Group has successfully completed mold and moisture-related projects on large-scale condominium complexes across the country.

Liberty expertly diagnoses, solves, and remediates condo mold and moisture problems resulting from water intrusion, humidity, building material failures, or operational failures. No matter what mold or moisture problem you’re facing, our experts have been able to successfully resolve it before.

Acqualina Resort, Sunny Isles, FL

Services Provided: Investigation, Moisture Forensics

A 52-story mixed-use facility with condominiums, a 4-star hotel, amenities, and retail space was experiencing interior moisture-related problems. Liberty provided investigation into indoor humidity issues, CPVC and HVAC piping failures, and stucco bonding and adhesion issues.

Espirito Santo Plaza, Miami, FL

Services Provided: Investigation, Expert Witness, Piping Insulation Remediation, Project Management

A 36-story mixed-use facility including a Conrad hotel, condominiums, the Espirito Santo Bank, and retail space suffered a chilled water piping insulation failure that resulted in degradation of adjacent materials. Liberty provided investigation and expert witness services surrounding the failure, and managed the remediation contractor.

Northstar Highlands, Lake Tahoe, CA

Services Provided: Investigation, Water Intrusion Remediation

A large, multi-use hotel and condominium facility had water intrusion problems stemming from failure of waterproofing at balconies, windows, and the stone facade. Liberty provided large-scale investigation and management of the remediation of the water intrusion issues, including intrusion for both fair weather and cold weather conditions.

Saint Raphael and Cap Ferrat®, Naples, FL

Services Provided: HVAC Moisture Forensics and Remediation

Two 22-story luxury condominium buildings for Gulf Bay Development with a combined 289 units had moisture-related issues. Liberty provided remediation management of water intrusion and HVAC-related humidity issues.

Le Jardin Luxury Condominium Town Homes, Destin, FL


Services Provided: Building Diagnostics, Moisture Intrusion and Condensation Remediation

Liberty provided diagnosis and remediation of a $5.5M rainwater intrusion and attic condensation problem at this luxury resort in the heart of Baytowne Wharf complex.

515 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Services Provided: Building Diagnostics, Expert Witness, Moisture Forensics, Building Envelope, HVAC System Analysis

This ultra-luxurious condominium developed by Trump Realty developed interior moisture-related problems in several units. Liberty diagnosed building pressurization problems that were allowing air infiltration through openings left by the subcontractor while using fly-forming concrete. This infiltration was resulting in frozen pipe breaks during winter months and interior condensation problems during summer months. Liberty also provided defense expert witness work for client for moisture-related mold, building envelope construction, and HVAC system analysis.

Decatur Renaissance Condominium Homes, Atlanta, GA

Services Provided: Investigation and Remediation

Liberty provided investigation and remediation of damage done to a batch of sheathing adhesive due to a lack of inhibitors.

Vista Del Mar (Portofino and Barcelona Condominiums), Myrtle Beach, SC

Services Provided: Building Pressurization and Dehumidification, Remediation

Liberty performed corrective measures to the outside air system of this luxury beachside two-tower condominium building to provide better dehumidification and pressurization of the building.

Island Walk and Island Place, Tampa, FL

Services Provided: Moisture Forensics, Expert Witness/Litigation Support

Liberty provided services related to rainwater intrusion through the stucco veneer and windows, as well as expert witness consulting for this apartment complex that was converted to condominiums. The roof was also evaluated for defects to the concrete tile system alleged by the HOA and successfully defended.

Phillips Bay Condominiums, Orlando, FL

Services Provided: Moisture Forensics, Building Envelope, Litigation Support

Liberty provided litigation consulting for the remediation of water intrusion problems through the building envelope, including reporting on the condition of windows, stone façade, balconies, and roof.

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