Where We Work: Multi-Family Complexes

Liberty Building Forensics Group has diagnosed, solved, or provided remediation-related services in over 5,000 multi-family complexes and apartments. Whether your structural problem is related to building envelope, HVAC, or a catastrophic storm, Liberty has successfully addressed your mold and moisture issue before. Outstanding experience, professionalism, and knowledge is what sets our experts apart from others in the industry.

Camden Renaissance, Camden Lee Vista & Camden Bay

Services Provided: Building Envelope, Forensic Analysis, Moisture Testing, Project Management, Expert Testimony

Liberty conducted numerous inspections and testing, including investigations of stucco and roof and window systems. After providing forensic analysis and moisture testing of building envelope-related problems, Liberty completed an extensive apportionment of responsibility among subcontractors to cover the various scopes of work involved for the project. Later, Liberty provided expert testimony.

Pegasus Landings

Services Provided: Forensic Investigation, Building Evaluation, Moisture & Mold Problems, Building Envelope, Expert Opinion

Liberty conducted an investigation and evaluation on behalf of the property manager of a 30+ building complex primarily used as student housing. Additionally, Liberty gave expert witness testimony on behalf of the project manager regarding interior mold and moisture problems and building envelope-related moisture and mold problems.

Eaglewood Community Apartments

Services Provided: Building Diagnostics, Building Envelope, Forensic Investigation, Expert Witness

This 24-building apartment complex was experiencing significant building envelope water intrusion-related problems, including deterioration of the underlying wood frame. Liberty conducted an on-site investigation to determine the cause of the deterioration. Additionally, Liberty assisted the owner’s law firm in the recovery of 95% of the repair costs ($6.25M) through serving as an expert witness in a surety bond default case. Subsequently, Liberty provided additional expert witness testimony to assist surety with a $5.5 million recovery (out of $6.25M) from the various subcontractors.

Westlake Apartments

Services Provided: Expert Witness, Building Envelope, Forensic Investigation, Moisture Intrusion

Liberty provided expert witness testimony in defense of the general contractor’s work. In preparation, Liberty investigated moisture intrusion problems in the building envelope and evaluated the scopes of work of various subcontractors to determine the impact of their work on construction defects.

Lakeview Oaks Apartments

Services Provided: Building Assessment, Moisture Problems, Expert Opinion

Liberty did an assessment during due diligence on behalf of the Seller, and assisted the Seller in negotiations with the Buyer regarding an existing moisture problem. Subsequently, Liberty provided expert witness testimony on behalf of the Seller in an effort to recuperate costs from the general contractor who had constructed the complex for the Seller.

Osborne Apartments

Services Provided: Building Analysis, Mold & Moisture Problems, Conceptual Solutions of Fix

Liberty conducted an analysis of condensation problems resulting in mold and moisture problems in this affordable housing complex. Additionally, Liberty provided conceptual remedial designs and possible solutions.

Lake Port Square Apartments

Services Provided: Forensic Evaluation of Mold & Moisture Problems, Remedial Recommendations

Liberty evaluated mold and moisture problems occurring during construction and recommended solutions.

Rolling Hills Apartments

Services Provided: Building Evaluation, Moisture Problems, Moisture Intrusion

Liberty conducted a roof evaluation of an apartment complex, including surveying 15 buildings for roof condensation and possible moisture intrusion problems.

Plantation Lakes Apartments

Services Provided: Forensic Investigation, Building Assessment, Building Envelope, Moisture Problems

Liberty conducted a field investigation and assessment of building envelope water intrusion issues on behalf of an architectural firm.

Three Apartment Facilities – Orlando, FL & Birmingham, AL

Services Provided: Building Assessment, Building Envelope, Roof Failure, Window Failure, Moisture Problems

Liberty assessed three apartment complexes in Orlando and Birmingham on behalf of the general contractor. The buildings were experiencing water intrusion in the building envelope, as well as both roof and window failures.

Mirasol Apartments – Celebration, FL

Services Provided: Building Envelope, HVAC Moisture Forensics, Expert Opinion

Liberty investigated condensation and rainwater-intrusion problems at this 200+-unit luxury apartment complex.

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