Where We Work: Residences

Confidential Client, Miami Residence

Services Provided: Investigation, Moisture Forensics and Remediation

This 12,000 SF residence had crawlspace condensation problems that resulted in flooring damage. LBFG conducted an investigation of the problems and provided temporary and permanent solutions to the Owner.

Bast Residence

Services Provided: Investigation, Mold Problems and Remediation

This waterfront residence had significant mold problems that resulted in major remediation. LBFG provided investigation of the problems on behalf of the Owner.

300-Residence Arvida Subdivision, Jacksonville

Services Provided: Expert Witness, Building Envelope

LBFG provided expert consultation on behalf of a class action against the Developer over building envelope defects.

Hodges Residence

Services Provided: Investigation, Condensation Remediation

LBFG conducted an attic condensation investigation and provided remediation strategies and contracting services for resolution of the problem.

Markantonis Residence

Services Provided: Consulting, Moisture Remediation

After a large water line break, LBFG provided drying consultation services on behalf of the Developer that resulted in remediation of the damaged areas.

25,000 SF Confidential Residence

Services Provided: Investigation, Remediation, HVAC, Field QA

This residence had HVAC-related humidity problems. LBFG provided an investigation of the problem and recommendations for solutions. LBFG also provided field QA of the remediation work.

Estate of Perez

Services Provided: Investigation, CO Problems

Occupants of the residence passed away after exposure to CO fumes. LBFG was retained on behalf of the Builder to evaluate causation.

Siena Homes Subdivision, Clermont

Services Provided: Assessment, Building Envelope, Moisture Problems

Several homes in this subdivision had building envelope moisture-related claims against the Developer. On behalf of the Developer, LBFG provided an assessment of reported problems.

Gellein Residence

Services Provided: Evaluation, Moisture and Mold Problems, Remediation

This high-end custom residence had significant moisture and mold problems that required significant remediation. LBFG provided an evaluation and remediation contracting services on behalf of the Owner.

Maounis Residence

Services Provided: Evaluation, Condensation Problems, Expert Witness, Remediation Consulting

LBFG conducted an evaluation and provided expert testimony related to attic condensation problems. LBFG provided recommendations for solving the problems to its client, the Owner.

Ethridge Residence

Services Provided: Investigation, Design, Remediation Contracting, Mold and Moisture Problems

This older residence had significant mold and moisture problems that required full remediation. LBFG provided investigation, design, and remediation contracting services to solve the problem.

15 Homes in a Clermont Subdivision

Services Provided: Testing, Consultation, Building Envelope, Problem Avoidance

LBFG provided testing and consultation of a common defect in the building envelope on behalf of its client, the Developer. This led to modifications to the Builder’s detail so that future problems did not occur.

Deukmedjian Residence

Services Provided: Investigation, Condensation Problems, Remediation Consulting

This residence experienced problems due to improper design, installation, and control of a variable refrigerant DX system. LBFG provide investigation and recommendations for solutions to the problems to the Owner.

Penthouse Residence

Services Provided: Moisture Control, Peer Review, Field QA

This new luxury penthouse in Vail, Colorado had concerns about maintaining indoor conditions that would be acceptable for artwork that was being displayed by the Owner. LBFG provided cold climate moisture control peer review and field QA for minimizing moisture problems.

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