How to Avoid Moisture Problems When the Requirements and Practical Applications of Green Collide


Three major changes will impact the success of construction in Florida over the next decade. These changes began as trends during the last decade and have now evolved into requirements for construction professionals. This requires one to consider the risks of potential moisture problems and determine how to mitigate against these risk on the project. These risks are due in large part to changes in building code and how the industry is viewing the products that are being used in “green construction.”


  • There is a drive to certify products as “green” and this has substantially increased the risk of moisture problems when certain products are used. Knowing the anatomy of these products will help the construction professional alleviate this risk.

  • Green initiatives have become codified and are required now by code these for projects. It is a critical skill to be able to know the parts of the code that result in the greatest risks for causing moisture problems.

  • As the construction industry shifts from primarily a USGBC LEED® rating credit system to other rating systems like Green Globes there is a risk that comes from the introduction of confusion in the “green” marketplace and the construction industry. This confusion affects the contractor’s’ ability to communicate the needs and costs of green construction. This lack of communication can lead to budget and schedule overruns that are costly. The skilled professional will need to know which rating systems are critical for projects in humid climates and how to communicate the requirements of those rating systems to clients.

Successful contractors will need to be aware of how these changes will impact their projects. They will also need to understand how they can protect themselves against increased risk. This presentation will speak to these risks and give practical tips for contractors on how to mitigate against these risks on their next project.

 Mr. Chuck Allen, AIA, is a Forensic Architect with Liberty Building Forensics Group in Tampa, FL. Mr. Allen has over 15 years of experience diagnosing and solving moisture problems in buildings. Mr. George DuBose, CGC, is a recognized expert in the area of moisture problems in buildings and widely published author on the subject. For more information on Liberty Building Forensics Group, please visit their website at

 This post also reflects a presentation and seminar given about these topics by Mr. Allen and other experts at LBFG. For more information about these seminars, please click here to join our email list.