PTAC Units Myth 1 of 3 - Ventilation

This is a 3 part Vlog series of, “The 3 Myths of PTAC Units.”

Over the past 30 years, building experts at Liberty Building Forensics Group (LBFG) have investigated hundreds of moisture problems (involving thousands of guest rooms) and in the process, have observed three repetitive assumptions that appear to be completely ignored by the building industry:

  1. PTAC units cannot effectively ventilate interior spaces.

  2. PTAC units cannot effectively pressurize hotel guest rooms.

  3. PTAC units are often ineffective in dehumidifying hotel guest rooms, especially when outside conditions are hot and humid.

Even though there is strong evidence that PTAC units cannot consistently provide these stated (or implied) features, the astonishing truth is that the building industry (including owners, operators, developers, contractors, and designers) seems to believe that they can. In response to concerns by designers and operators, PTAC manufacturers have added additional outdoor air fans and coils to try to improve the outdoor air supply concerns. In our experience, the impact of these adaptations has not been fully understood or vetted.