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Don’t let inexperience and the absence of viewing the building as a whole unit fail to protect you during the buying process. Protect every step of your purchase transaction with tried and true building expertise.

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The Super Bowl was right around the corner, and much was at stake for this hotel. It was  undergoing a room rehab with a hard deadline when an unforeseen mold and moisture problem brought work to a screeching halt..

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Why Buildings Fail

The primary reason we are not coming to grips with this far-reaching problem is simple:  the design professionals entrusted with building performance are not receiving adequate feedback on the performance of their previous buildings.

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The Incredible Predictability of Moisture Problems

Suppose there was a tool that could predict, before a single penny was spent on construction, the likelihood of whether your building would fail. Not only that, but this tool could also provide you with enough information to make significant design changes that would dramatically decrease any risk factors. Would you be interested? Of course you would.

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“Till Death Do Us Part”: Preventing a Facade and HVAC Divorce When It Comes to Air Barrier Performance

Now fast forward to the first summer of operation. You get the dreaded call that your design has led to catastrophic mold and moisture problems that are keeping your client from being able to rent rooms and are resulting in unfavorable complaints about visible mold and deleterious mold odors being made on TripAdvisor.

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Lordy, I KNOW there is tape!

Most of the building trade knows how rainwater can damage buildings. Much less is understood about the role of air infiltration, especially in hot and humid climates. Even small amounts of moisture-laden air infiltration can quickly cause moisture and mold damage.

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Contemporary Resort Hotel

This 2,000+ guest room deluxe resort was originally constructed using modular construction. Liberty Building Forensics Group staff conducted the investigation, diagnosis, design and coordination, of the repair of condensation and humidity related mold problems.

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Mold and Moisture Prevention

Published by NCARB

“An alarming number of buildings suffer from moisture and mold problems. No single document can address all the issues related to moisture intrusion and mold growth. However, we believe this monograph addresses a significant proportion of the problems that architects will encounter in the design and construction of a typical commercial building.”

— J. David Odom, as quoted on


  • This manual looks at the key issues that can help owners, designers, and contractors work together to improve decision-making. Design professionals will discover what they need to do in order to develop good building performance.

  • The end of the schematic design and design development chapters have sections outlining documents, steps, and criteria that should be completed before the next phase in the process is begun.

  • The final design chapter has a peer review section that includes a checklist to provide designers and builders with independent design reviews and technical guidance to promote technically sound, budget-conscious designs.

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Medical Facility – Midwest U.S.

The medical facility was experiencing build-up of frost and ice in above-ceiling spaces and in clerestories during winter months two years after construction. The frost/ice eventually melted, causing damage and leaking into occupied rooms below.

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