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Those Darn Ice Dams

You’re dreaming by the fire, as the ice dams conspire. Water drips on your head, and looking up with dread, you are faced I’m afraid, with a roof poorly made - so much for that winter wonderland.

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Climate Considerations to Help You Avoid a Mold & Moisture Problem

Unique challenges presented in all different types of climates (especially hot and humid climates) are often overlooked by the design and construction community.

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Why Buildings Fail

The primary reason we are not coming to grips with this far-reaching problem is simple:  the design professionals entrusted with building performance are not receiving adequate feedback on the performance of their previous buildings.

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Monitor These 9 Vital Signs to Avoid Widespread Mold & Moisture Problems in Your Building

Unique vital signs can help determine the health of a building as it relates to a mold and moisture problem, similar to measuring the health of a human body by taking vitals. This analogy is applicable to many different building types and construction phases. This kind of analysis can help locate the hidden risks of a mold and moisture problem and can also be beneficial when planning a renovation by bringing awareness to potential moisture-related problems, allowing owners to course-correct, budget, and plan accordingly.

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Synopsis of 30+ Years Working With PTAC Units

Over the past few months, there have been tens of thousands of Google searches for PTAC units, using keyword phrases as simple as "what are PTAC units" and "consequences of using PTAC units." While numerous results turn up for these kinds of searches, not many are backed by 30+ years of building forensics experience in the field.

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The Mold Tree - A Predictability Chart to Help Avoid Mold and Moisture Problems

Why are we still seeing the same PTAC-related mold and moisture problems today as we saw in the 1980’s? We need to become more cognizant of the basic principles for low-cost systems in very simple applications. Liberty’s team has developed a diagram, using their 30+ years of experience in building forensics, that will help you avoid the potential risks of a catastrophic mold and moisture problem in your PTAC-equipped room.  

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The Single Most Important Factor in Reducing the Risk of a Mold and Moisture Lawsuit in Your Next Building Project

Not all buildings are created equal. In fact, some fail at alarming rates, often soon after being commissioned. Some building failures occur at a high rate of frequency but result in minor consequences, while others are infrequent but lead to catastrophic results, such as significant mold and moisture problems.

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The Incredible Predictability of Moisture Problems

Suppose there was a tool that could predict, before a single penny was spent on construction, the likelihood of whether your building would fail. Not only that, but this tool could also provide you with enough information to make significant design changes that would dramatically decrease any risk factors.

Would you be interested? Of course you would! Here it is! Download it now!

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Moisture Damage Assessment Tool

Significant moisture and mold problems in new construction are often attributed to the so-called “drying out of the building”. In reality, however, such problems are rarely associated with moisture released from new construction materials. In general, the moisture is instead introduced from some external source. Knowledge is power!

Download your copy of this critical resource to help you recognize problems in your buildings before they become lawsuits!

Download the eBook Now!

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Preventing Mold & Moisture Problems

Keeping the Moisture Out: the Single Greatest Technique for Reducing Moisture and Mold Lawsuits

Moisture and Mold can cause serious building problems, resulting in major construction lawsuits. That is why Liberty is offering a free guide to the ABA Construction Forum and to your clients, Preventing Moisture and Mold Problems – Design and Construction Guidelines. This guide can help you avoid the detrimental issues that moisture and mold can create in the building process.

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Mold and Moisture Prevention

Published by NCARB

“An alarming number of buildings suffer from moisture and mold problems. No single document can address all the issues related to moisture intrusion and mold growth. However, we believe this monograph addresses a significant proportion of the problems that architects will encounter in the design and construction of a typical commercial building.”

— J. David Odom, as quoted on


  • This manual looks at the key issues that can help owners, designers, and contractors work together to improve decision-making. Design professionals will discover what they need to do in order to develop good building performance.

  • The end of the schematic design and design development chapters have sections outlining documents, steps, and criteria that should be completed before the next phase in the process is begun.

  • The final design chapter has a peer review section that includes a checklist to provide designers and builders with independent design reviews and technical guidance to promote technically sound, budget-conscious designs.

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Tropical Resort

The design team had set unrealistically high building envelope air barrier goals for an oceanfront tropical resort.

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