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Those Darn Ice Dams

You’re dreaming by the fire, as the ice dams conspire. Water drips on your head, and looking up with dread, you are faced I’m afraid, with a roof poorly made - so much for that winter wonderland.

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Air Barriers: Expectations vs. Reality
 -- Thawing a Frosty Relationship

When it comes to building performance, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Humidification to provide medical patient comfort is a good thing. Frost and ice damage due to that same humidification is not so good.

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Lordy, I KNOW there is tape!

Most of the building trade knows how rainwater can damage buildings. Much less is understood about the role of air infiltration, especially in hot and humid climates. Even small amounts of moisture-laden air infiltration can quickly cause moisture and mold damage.

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Has Coastal Zone Hotel Construction Become the Twilight Zone for Mold & Moisture Control?

Resorts, hotels, and vacation ownership properties that have operated for years without significant mold and moisture problems are suddenly becoming plagued with catastrophic and costly moisture-related issues after building renovations are complete.

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