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The Single Most Important Factor in Reducing the Risk of A Mold and Moisture Problem In Your Next Project

No one building a building wants it to fail. Yet some buildings fail at alarming rates and in many cases, the builder and the designer did everything right. This eBook has been written to show you how to avoid failures and the courthouse on your very next build by using peer review as a part of your building strategy.

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The Incredible Predictability of Moisture Problems

Suppose there was a tool that could predict, before a single penny was spent on construction, the likelihood of whether your building would fail. Not only that, but this tool could also provide you with enough information to make significant design changes that would dramatically decrease any risk factors.

Would you be interested? Of course you would! Here it is! Download it now!

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Moisture Damage Assessment Tool

Significant moisture and mold problems in new construction are often attributed to the so-called “drying out of the building”. In reality, however, such problems are rarely associated with moisture released from new construction materials. In general, the moisture is instead introduced from some external source. Knowledge is power!

Download your copy of this critical resource to help you recognize problems in your buildings before they become lawsuits!

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