Building Forensics Group’s team of forensic professionals has successfully completed problem avoidance peer reviews on over $4 billion in new construction.

BFG specializes in helping clients avoid problems in buildings that are at high risk of building envelope in combination with HVAC failures causing indoor environmental damage. Whether you are an owner, designer, or contractor, our firm's unique multidisciplinary team has the technical expertise your project requires. Our problem avoidance process, which is forged in decades of completed projects, yields a distinctive understanding of what each member of the design and construction team needs. Making sure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

Preventing Mold and Moisture Problems

List of Services

  • Design Review
  • Wall System Hygrothermal Review
  • HVAC Dehumidification Review
  • Drawing and Specification Review
  • Material Selection Review
  • Whole Building Pressurization Review
  • Building Envelope Air Leakage Review
  • Wall Component Review for Durability
  • Wall Component Review for Moisture Control
  • Vapor Control Layer Review
  • Air Barrier Control Layer Review
  • Thermal Control Layer Review
  • Water Management Plan Review
  • Indoor Air Quality Design Review
  • Legionella Avoidance Review
  • ICRA Plan Reviews

“It is clear that while most know a part of the building well, BFG knows the building well from the inside out and that always gives us the best results.”

Developer and Owner
Worldwide Timeshare Resorts