Orlando Veterans Administration Hospital and Clinic

Case Study

Client: Brassfield and Gorrie

Location: Orlando, Florida


  • HVAC System Failure Analysis
  • Mold Causation Analysis
  • Building High Humidity Causation Analysis
  • Rainwater Intrusion Causation Analysis
  • Air Sampling
  • Ductwork Remediation Protocols
  • Design Analysis

When mold was discovered in the ductwork of a 1.2 million square foot healthcare complex during construction. BFG was brought in to provide a causation analysis, develop a remediation protocol, and implement a monitoring program of the repairs. The mold problem presented a potential risk to the project's timeline and budget. The government had placed our client on notice and BFG's swift analysis of the cause and a path to remedy the issue allowed our client to respond confidently. We conducted a thorough analysis of the ductwork mastic and the environmental conditions inside the ductwork to identify the problem areas. BFG developed a set of design documents to target and repair these issues, allowing the project to move forward without further delay.

healthcare building causation analysis of mold problems
healthcare mold and moisture assessment remediation