UVA Science Building Complex

Case Study

Client: Colonial Mechanical

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia


  • HVAC System Failure Analysis
  • Mold Causation Analysis
  • Building High Humidity Causation Analysis
  • Rainwater Intrusion Causation Analysis
  • Air Sampling
  • Ductwork Remediation Protocols
  • Design Analysis
Case Experts:

BFG was hired to assess and address a mold issue that emerged during the final stages of construction at a science building complex. The team evaluated the extent of the problem and helped develop a repair plan. They also conducted a problem avoidance review of an adjacent science building to ensure a similar issue would not occur.

The remediation work had to be carried out while other parties were completing the interior spaces, necessitating a detailed mold remediation design and protocol tailored to meet the needs of the ongoing construction and project schedule. BFG successfully executed the remediation plan while minimizing disruptions to the construction process.

educational facility mold and moisture issue evaluation
educational building mold and moisture remediation plan