What We Do

If your problem involves moisture, mold, material failures, or construction litigation in buildings, Liberty Building Forensics Group’s staff has likely solved it successfully dozens of times before.


Liberty's Expertise

Liberty’s successful involvement in over 4,000 projects allows the firm to bring a proven set of skills and services to every project. No matter what building failure you’re experiencing, it’s very likely that we’ve already solved it many times.

Liberty has been recognized for its expertise in diagnosing, solving, and remediating building-related moisture problems and deficiencies. In fact, we have solved indoor air quality and mold-related building problems in every climate, worldwide.

Our extended knowledge of construction and design deficiencies has resulted in recovery of over $500 million for our clients. In fact, we were touted by one attorney as being one of the best testifying experts he has ever had.


Liberty's Skills & Services

  • Diagnosis and repair of HVAC pressurization problems

  • Solution of air, vapor, and water intrusion failures in wall systems

  • Remediation of water and moisture damaged buildings

  • Mold and indoor air quality problems

  • Problem avoidance peer reviews of walls and HVAC systems

  • Repair of stucco water intrusion and delamination problems

  • Solution of cold climate condensation problems

  • Diagnosis of building envelope failures

  • Design solutions for water intrusion problems

  • Solution of HVAC system humidity and condensation-related problems

  • Diagnosis of mechanical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler piping system failures

  • Litigation support for recovery of damages

  • Expert witness testimony for design and construction deficiencies

  • Repair design of window air and water intrusion problems

  • Solutions for corrosion problems in buildings


Liberty's Reputation

P1080820 copy.jpg
  • Conducted building envelope commissioning and repairs for air, water, and vapor problems

  • Assisted global companies in protecting their real estate portfolio through custom mothballing, layaway, and decommissioning techniques

  • Effectively integrated both building envelope and HVAC-related building pressurization avoidance and repairs

  • Resolved building product deficiencies like Chinese drywall failure, CPVC piping, and HVAC mastics

  • Performed state-of-the-art commissioning and QA/QC services that others do not use

  • Wrote the first LEED® and green design/construction risk avoidance document for NCARB

  • Known for diagnosing and solving the most difficult condensation, high humidity, and mold problems

  • Have worked with corrosion-related failures and water intrusion issues in buildings for over 20 years

  • Resolved over $100M of HVAC and plumbing piping failures

  • Called upon by the U.S. Air Force and Disney to solve their most complex indoor air quality problems