Who has more flight time than the Air Force One crew shuttling between D.C. and Palm Beach International? Liberty Building Forensics Group’s Florida and Atlanta staff, that’s who. Our clients fly us east to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, the Middle East, and the Maldives to diagnose, solve, and remediate mold and moisture problems worldwide. Heading the opposite direction, our clients also fly us to Texas, Colorado, California, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, and Singapore.

So why do our clients reward us with all those flight miles? It is cliche to say that it is because we solve moisture problems. All consultants say that and usually the local consultants can solve a majority of moisture intrusion problems. What Liberty brings to the table includes skills often missing at the local level:

  • Liberty’s portfolio includes both commercial and large residential projects. We specialize in hotels and resorts, but also have a great deal of experience in condominiumshealthcare and educational facilitiesgovernment buildings, and residences.
  • Liberty is one of the few forensic firms with expertise in both HVAC and building envelope moisture problems. And, more importantly, expertise in how these two systems interact to increase the likelihood of failure and/or mask the defect causing failure. 
  • Liberty can tell the story and tell it clearly. And, when necessary, tell it in layman’s terms so the connection of the dots is readily apparent. This is not only critical for recovery (litigation and insurance claims) but also for calming nervous stakeholders.
  • Liberty has a wide range of unique technical experience related to moisture problems beyond just HVAC and building envelope systems. Liberty has investigated ductwork corrosion caused by duct mastic, fire sprinkler failure due to fire caulking, stucco debonding on high rises, ice dams in ski country, and floor buckling over coastal crawl spaces.

While we have an ever growing loyal client base within driving distance, we are never reluctant to board a jet to assist our clients. Even if it does not involve playing a round of golf!