New Campus for a University in the Middle East

Services Provided: Investigation, Evaluation, Mold and Moisture Problems, Building Envelope, HVAC

On behalf of the Architect, Liberty Building Forensics Group provided an investigation of this $1B dollar campus in order to pinpoint the root cause of mold and moisture problems. Liberty evaluated both the building envelope and HVAC system that were responsible for moisture and mold in the wall cavities and the interior of the buildings.


Florida Atlantic University Computer Engineering Building

Services Provided: Peer Review, Problem Avoidance, HVAC, Building Envelope, Field QA, Moisture Control

Architects Leo Daly sought out Liberty for our problem avoidance peer review services. Their design and construction team needed guidance on the LEED Platinum building at FAU, one of the first LEED Platinum Educational buildings in Florida. Liberty provided a peer review of the building envelope and HVAC system, including a field QA plan for moisture control through and in the envelope, and for moisture control in the HVAC system.


University of Virginia CAS Building

Services Provided: Assessment, Mold and Moisture Problems, Ductwork, Moisture Remediation, Project Management

A significant mold and moisture problem occurred in the ductwork of this science building during construction. Liberty provided the assessment, remediation guidelines, and oversight of a $1.5M remediation of the ductwork interior. Implementing the solution during the final stages of construction without delaying the completion date of the building was critical to the success of this project.


UCF Knights Corner Student Affiliated Housing

Services Provided: Moisture and Mold Remediation, Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony, Observation

This 34-building, UCF-affiliated student housing project underwent both building envelope and HVAC-related moisture and mold remediation. Liberty provided expert witness consultation by conducting observations during remediation on behalf of the Property Manager defendant, as well as expert witness testimony on this $53M claim.


FAU-BCC Building Fort Lauderdale

Services Provided: Assessment, Water Intrusion Problems, Moisture Remediation Recommendations

This mid-rise building experienced water intrusion problems through the stucco cladding. Liberty provided on-site assessment and recommendations for solutions to address the problems.


Richland High School, SC

Services Provided: Investigation, Modelling, HVAC, Humidity Problems

Liberty staff conducted an investigation of HVAC-related humidity problems. This facility utilized unit ventilators that did not provide sufficient dehumidification of outdoor air. Using modelling, Liberty proved the capacity of unit ventilators was sufficient for peak design but did not provide sufficient run time at off-peak conditions.


Poinciana High School

Services Provided: Expert Consultation, Mediation, Moisture and Mold Problems

This high school underwent litigation for design and construction defects, some of which were related to moisture and mold problems. Liberty staff provided expert consultation for the General Contractor defendant through mediation on the multi-million dollar claim.


Duval County Schools

Services Provided: Investigation, Expert Consultation, Cost Recovery, Moisture and Mold Problems

On behalf of the school district, Liberty staff conducted an investigation into condensation-related moisture and mold problems that were significantly impacting the chilled water piping distribution system. Liberty proved that the insulation had been incorrectly selected for the service needed, and provided the school district expert consultation in recovering costs for this multi-million dollar claim.


Barry University, Various Buildings

Services Provided: Consultation, Moisture Problems, HVAC, Testing, Analysis, Remediation Recommendations

Liberty provided consultation to address HVAC-related pressurization and infiltration moisture problems. This required testing and analysis that was able to pinpoint how connecting buildings were negatively impacting the performance of adjacent buildings. Solutions were provided to the school for rectification of the problem.


Miami-Dade Jose de Diego Middle School

Services Provided: Expert Consultation, Water Intrusion Problems, Mediation

On behalf of the Miami-Dade school district, Liberty provided expert consultation services for water intrusion problems that involved stucco cladding, roofing, and windows. Through mediation, a settlement was reached amongst the parties.


Palm Beach County Glades High School

Services Provided: Analysis, Apportionment of Damages

This high school experienced a system-wide failure of storm drain couplings resulting in widespread moisture and mold problems in chases and wall and ceiling cavities. The damage resulted in an over $1M dollar claim. Liberty was retained by the school district to conduct an analysis of the claim and damages after remediation was complete and to apportion them among responsible parties.


Southern Mississippi Community College

Services Provided: Investigation, Remediation Recommendations, HVAC, Humidity and Mold Problems

The science classroom building at SMCC experienced a significant humidity problem that led to mold growth on furnishings and other interior surfaces. Liberty was retained by the College to investigate and provide recommendations for solutions to the problems with the HVAC system that had resulted in the damage.


UCF Academic Village

Services Provided: Investigation, Building Envelope, Remediation Recommendations

This UCF student housing facility experienced significant building envelope problems. Liberty was retained by the University to investigate these building envelope failures and provide recommendations for solutions.


University of Louisiana at Monroe

Services Provided: Expert Consultation, HVAC, Building Envelope, Cost Recovery, Remediation

On behalf of the University, Liberty provided expert consultation services for the resolution of both HVAC and building envelope problems. This included negotiations with the General Contractor and Designer for recovery of costs and implementation of a remedial fix.


Shelby Hall at South Alabama University

Services Provided: Expert Witness & Consultation

Liberty provided expert witness services for the General Contractor against a large glazing claim from the Subcontractor. The claim was for additional labor due to field constraints of the windows provided by the Owner. Liberty’s expert consultation services allowed all parties to reach settlement prior to mediation.


Samford University Science Building

Services Provided: Evaluation, Investigation, HVAC, Moisture and Mold Problems, Remediation Recommendations

Although this new science building was the jewel of the Samford campus, its HVAC system design and operation was resulting in moisture and mold problems in wall cavities and the building interior. Liberty’s staff evaluated the HVAC system pressure controls system between the large roof top heat recovery units, fume hood pressure controls, and space pressure controls. This investigation pinpointed the problems, allowing Liberty to provide the University with recommendations for correction.


+ Other Projects

  • AUC Medical School Building 1, AL
  • Delta Delta Delta v. Executive, FL
  • FAU/BCC Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Jose de Diego Middle School, FL
  • Lynn University, FL
  • UCF dorms, FL
  • Univ of North Florida, FL
  • Charlotte County Schools, FL
  • Clackamas Community College, Oregon City District, OR
  • Freedom Elementary School, Manatee County School District, FL
  • Glades High School, Palm Beach County School District, FL
  • Itawamba Community College Science Building, Itawamba District, MS
  • Mandarin High School, Duval County School District, FL
  • St. Petersburg High School, Pinellas County School District, FL
  • Tulukask School, Yupiit School District, AK
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham City School District, AL
  • University of South Carolina Science Building, Colleton County School District , SC
  • Various Schools, Lee County School District, FL