Martin County Courthouse

Services Provided: Building Diagnostics, Moisture and Mold Problems, Remediation, Expert Witness, Cost Recovery

Liberty Building Forensics Group staff were key to the diagnosis, solution, and remediation of the moisture and mold problems in this iconic case. Liberty staff provided expert consultation for recovery of over $24M by its client, the County. The original construction cost for the complex was $11.5M.


Keesler Air Force Base

Services Provided: Evaluation and Assessment, Testing, Building Envelope, HVAC, Moisture Problems

Liberty was hired by the privatization group Owner of over 1,000 soldier homes to assess the potential of both building envelope and HVAC moisture problems. This required Liberty to conduct advanced testing for air leakage in the homes to assess the potential for failure. Liberty also conducted detailed evaluation of the building envelope and attic systems for potential failures.

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FEMA Hurricane Katrina Trailers

Services Provided: Investigation, Expert Witness, Litigation Support, Mold & Moisture Problems

On behalf of the manufacturers and suppliers of over 240,000 trailers, Liberty conducted an investigation of reported chronic mold and moisture problems. Liberty staff provided expert testimony and litigation consulting support that led to a settlement amongst the parties.

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CFSC at Ft. Eustis Army Transport Base

Services Provided: Water Intrusion Assessment

Liberty staff provided an assessment of water intrusion problems that occurred in this four-story facility due to construction delays.


Polk County Courthouse

Services Provided: Consulting, Mold Remediation, HVAC, Building Envelope

Liberty staff provided mold remediation consultation services on behalf of the County who owned the building. The remedial fix required the replacement of the HVAC system and the building envelope.


CFSC at Fort DeRussey

Services Provided: Evaluation, Remediation, Design, Moisture and Mold Problems

On behalf of the Owner of a hotel and resort for soldiers located on Waikiki Beach, Liberty conducted an evaluation of building-wide moisture and mold problems that stemmed from incorrect installation and design of the guest room FCU and exhaust systems. Liberty staff provided design and remediation oversight services of the fix.


Palm Beach County Judicial Complex

Services Provided: Analysis, Indoor Air Quality, Problem Avoidance

Liberty staff conducted a full moisture-related IAQ analysis of this new complex that resulted in an operations regime for our client, the Owner.


Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Services Provided: Building Diagnostics, Expert Witness, HVAC

Our client (the insurance company) received a claim from the building owner for over $15M related to storm damage. Liberty proved that the damage was not storm-related but was in fact caused by the operation of the HVAC system. In some cases, Liberty proved there was no damage present. The matter settled favorably for our client.


Jacksonville Naval Air Station (BEQ NAS)

Services Provided: Investigation, HVAC, Mold and Moisture Problems

These new Bachelor Enlisted Quarters experienced significant moisture and mold problems in the ceiling, wall cavities, and furnishings. Liberty conducted an investigation on behalf of the General Contractor and determined the cause was HVAC-related infiltration and dehumidification problems.


Sam Gibbons Federal Courthouse

Services Provided: Investigation, Water Intrusion Problems, Building Envelope, Moisture Remediation

Liberty staff provided investigation of problems with water intrusion through the building envelope. Our findings resulted in a $15M remedial program to correct the problems.


Veterans Affairs Complex

Services Provided: Investigation, Design, Remediation Consulting, Ductwork

Liberty provided ductwork remediation consulting services for this new medical complex. The investigation, design, and construction observations of the remedial fix were just in time, as the work was completed while other construction was underway.


+ Other Projects

  • Air Force Base, FL
  • Boone County Jail, TN
  • Consolidated Rental Facility, FL
  • Escambia County Juvenile Justice Center, FL
  • Eustis Fire Station, FL
  • Five Fire Stations, Cherokee County, GA
  • Fla National Guard Building, FL
  • Manatee County Public Safety Complex, FL
  • Manatee County Judicial Complex, FL
  • Peach Co – DFCS, GA