J. David Odom

Senior Consultant



Expert in Indoor Air Quality & Building Envelope Systems

David Odom is a 35+ year expert in solving complex building problems related to moisture intrusion, indoor air quality (IAQ), corrosion & material failures, and deficiencies related to green construction. Since 1982, he has successfully managed projects where remedial repair costs sometimes exceeded $50M. He has managed projects involving over 150,000 hotel/condo rooms plus hospitals, schools, courthouses, dormitories, convention centers, and sports complexes. These facilities have been located throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Europe, the Philippines, China, and Hong Kong.


Education & Licensing

Bachelor of Science, Geological Sciences, Campbell University

National Association of Corrosion Engineers — “Corrosion Specialist” Certification Issued in 1981

J. David Odom

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