Nate Sanders, CIH, LEED AP

Vice President, Forensic CIH



Expert in Mold Remediation and in Occupational & Environmental Health and Safety

With over twelve years of professional experience in occupational & environmental health and safety. Conducted hundreds of evaluations to evaluate physical, biological and chemical hazards in occupational, residential, and community environments.

Having provided technical expertise including designing and implementing sampling and assessment strategies, interpreting analytical data, recommending effective corrective actions, and provided project oversight and quality assurance services for mold remediation for a variety of commercial, healthcare, school facilities and residential buildings throughout the United States. He has conducted specialized sampling of bioaerosols, microbial volatile organic compounds, environmental allergens, respirable particles, and conducted evaluations of odorants and irritants in nearly every type of indoor environment. He has conducted infrared thermographic surveys to identify moisture problems in building envelopes.

A multi-disciplinary understanding of building science, material performance and building systems interaction is the foundation of Liberty Building Forensics Group’s evaluation process. Relying on our extensive industry knowledge of both traditional and modern construction techniques and materials, we are able to investigate, diagnose and provide a prognosis of existing and potential building issues. Our clients are provided action plans that assures performance predictability because it is built upon the forensic data and prognosis with the functional, technical and economic performance in mind.

As a LEED accredited professional, Mr. Sanders develops and implements proactive pre-occupancy IAQ testing protocols, lead administrative duties for LEED certified projects, and assisted in commissioning activities in newly constructed buildings and renovated buildings. Additionally, Mr. Sanders has provided expert opinions for microbial and chemical IAQ litigation efforts.

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